Welcome to Life Arts

Welcome to Life arts neurofeedback. Our main offering is NeurOptimal dynamical neurofeedback brain training. We hope that you find everything you need. If you need to contact us , feel free to do so through our How to Reach Life Arts page.


NeurOptimal neurofeedback , created by the Zengar institute , is a comprehensive brain training technology for optimizing functioning , and building resilience and flexibility in the brain and in everyday life. NeurOptimal neurofeedback is truly non-invasive as it simply provides information to the brain, allowing the brain the freedom to incorporate it in the way that works best for it. It is an effortless and magnificent experience of transformation , health , and growth.


NeurOptimal neurofeedback does not target particular symptoms or diagnosis , it is comprehensively and holistically looking at the whole brain , providing feedback where required , fluidly and nonlinearly. NeurOptimal trains from frequencies 0.001 up to 64 Hz , encompassing and going beyond all known and traditionally used frequencies in neurofeedback (Delta , Theta , Alpha , Beta , Gamma and higher). The process is dynamical and follows the brain in real-time during the session.

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