Life arts neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is based on the finding that our brain is responsible for all that goes on in our lives. Focusing on that one aspect with state of the art brain technology has the potential of transforming and optimizing nearly every , if not all , aspects of our life experience. NeurOptimal has a long history of doing so since 2001 , and we have been first-hand witnesses to the potential in this one tool since 2017. We hope that everyone learns about this technology , and puts it in their life.
 – Best regards , Nick Kontaras

The trainer

Nick Kontaras is an Advanced certified dynamical neurofeedback trainer with a technical background in feedback systems. He has a diploma in Life Skills Coaching , experience in mindfulness as a practitioner and teacher , and is educated in concepts of well-being , including personal development and neuroscience particularly in terms of neurofeedback , meditation , and optimal brain functioning. He has attended retreats , conferences and seminars dedicated to health , wellness , the art of happiness and creative and meaningful work. He practices and teaches mindfulness since 2014 , and works in the field of neurofeedback since 2017.

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