1. Is NeurOptimal neurofeedback a treatment ?

NeurOptimal has been used in the past and currently as a treatment by qualified clinicians , however it’s really training that strengthens resilience and flexibility in the brain and life. This very commonly leads to treatment-like effects , however the training does not seek to alleviate particular symptoms , and also one doesn’t need to have symptoms or to think that there’s something wrong with them to train. Everyone can benefit from the training.

2. What happens during the session ?

During the session you sit or lay down comfortably (for 33 or 44 minutes depending on if it’s a Regular or Extended session) , listening to relaxing music , while two small sensors are placed on your head.

The sensors detect your brain’s activity, and mirroring this activity , the NeurOptimal computer provides feedback in the form of small interruptions in the music.

These interruptions provide to the brain the information it requires to optimize itself , becoming more flexible and resilient.

3. Do I have to do something during the training ?

Training with NeurOptimal does not need any conscious attention or activity , because the brain can figure out the feedback by itself. While the brain is doing that , the client can enjoy the relaxation and music.

4. Is there any research behind the neurofeedback technology ?

Neurofeedback has its beginnings in the 60s and has been used for various human mental conditions , and even animals , which is undeniable proof that neurofeedback training has non-placebo effects. Since then the technology has continuously evolved and developed , achieving better and better results in helping to alleviate suffering in all areas of life.

For us , the development of the NeurOptimal software , the first and only nonlinear dynamical neurofeedback technology available , is the pinnacle of the neurofeedback field in its totality , both in terms of results and elegance.

NeurOptimal also has sizeable research under its belt , conducted by qualified clinicians. A good starting collection can be found here : https://neuroptimal.com/research

5. How many sessions will I need ?

The exact number of sessions someone will do is not possible to know beforehand because each brain is different , and each of us start with different life circumstances (which influences the speed of progress) and reasons for training. It is therefore discovered session by session , depending on the results. 6, 10 , 20 , or 30 sessions are common numbers. After your training is complete you can always return for additional ‘booster’ sessions to further strengthen your brain.

6. Do the results last ?

They do , because this is a brain learning process , very different to a medicine that can wear off. In NeurOptimal neurofeedback it is the brain that learns to function differently , and it does so without being held up by the software.

7. How long do I need to train to start experiencing the benefits ?

Occasionally this happens in the first session , but for most it takes longer : four , six , ten , or more. It is our belief and first-hand experience so far that every brain changes and benefits from the training , because the brain is always provided with the feedback during every session. However , it can take time for these changes to enter the perceptual awareness and be recognized. For this reason , we do try to help in noticing changes in life , especially in areas other than the concerned one(s) , which are early indicators that the brain is on the move and is working things out.

8. How often do I train ?

NeurOptimal is safe to do once a day or even more often. Our typical recommendation is once or twice per week , as it offers good pacing for changes to occur and does not overextend financially. Training less often is also possible , however if done too sporadically and the results are too gradual it may be difficult to tell if NeurOptimal is helping or not.

9. Who can train with NeurOptimal neurofeedback ?

NeurOptimal is for everyone because it’s a safe technology that does not require any particular actions to be taken during the training , therefore all ages can train , regardlesss of health condition.

10. How safe is NeurOptimal ?

NeurOptimal simply provides information to the brain , therefore the training is completely safe for everyone to do.

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