This is our complete guide into purchasing a NeurOptimal system.

General information

For some people , NeurOptimal training is a lifelong process of wellness , growth , an awesome adventure into the great unknown: our life’s infinite potential. And why not , train friends and family , or even become a trainer professionally yourself. In these cases , it makes sense to buy a system. The cheapest option is the Personal system , it is more suited for people using it only for personal training , and possibly also for trainers who rent systems. The more expensive option is the Professional system , this is more suited for those who want to train personally and professionally. Let’s look at some general details.

The first important thing to know is that all NeurOptimal systems do the same training , what differs are mainly access to analysis tools and either doing unlimited sessions for free , versus a pay-per-session model.

Training yourself and others with NeurOptimal is easy , a quick (free , provided with both systems) seminar will get you on your way. To become a trainer , taking the first or both the Certification courses are highly recommended however (Basic and Advanced certification). These courses are provided by representatives and instructors per country (for example in the Netherlands we have Hannie Ruinen at , and Christina Rompa at , or in an online course through Zengar Central.

Both the Personal and Professional systems come in Windows 10 Tablet or Laptop options , again what differs is only the style and specs of the computer , the zAmp (hardware that comes with the system required for signal amplification and pre-processing) and the quality of the training that the NeurOptimal software provides remain the same.

The prices are in US dollars , and the systems are shipped from the Zengar Institute in Canada. In that price , one should take into account the currency conversion rate , the shipping costs , and the import costs (for example , for the Netherlands: the USD $ to EURO € conversion is currently ~0.90 , the shipping is ~$200 , and the import tax is 21%).

Life Arts neurofeedback is a NeurOptimal ambassador , meaning we can assist you with your order , support you in your purchase and use of your system afterwards , and give you information regarding training supplies (for example conductive paste , sensors etc.) and different possibilities for financing and saving money in your purchase , depending on your case.

There are many different options in purchasing a NeurOptimal system in terms of computer specs and any additional accessories included. You can find all the different options in the Store at In this page we will provide you with recommendations to make things more simple. If you need assistance to make sense out of it , feel free to call or email us , and we will assist you with our knowledge and expertise.

If this guide and/or our personal assistance has been helpful in making a purchase , please mention us during your purchase as an Ambassador. In return we will support you with your unit.

The two NeurOptimal® systems

All NeurOptimal® systems come pre-packaged with all necessary hardware (including the computer) , and with the latest software version 3.0 pre-installed (NO3) , ready to train as soon as you receive your system.

All systems have also the possibility to be covered by PASS (first 6 months for free and subscription per month/year after that) , which offers robust and reliable customer support by Zengar , so you do not have to worry if something goes wrong with your system , even if you know little or nothing about computers the support team is ready to solve all your problems.

1. Personal system

Our recommendation

The Personal system comes as a Surface Pro 6 tablet or Surface Book 2 laptop , with prices ranging from $ 6995 to $ 7915. Our initial recommendation would be to purchase the lower cost option , which is the Surface Pro tablet with an Intel i5 processor at $ 6995. The reason is that a more expensive system is not going to offer ‘better training’ , only a mere increase in speed and smoothness , however if you prefer higher speed and/or the look and feel of a laptop , you can invest in an Intel i7 processor and/or a Surface Book 2 laptop respectively.

Cost in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands , with a USD to EUR conversion rate of 0.90 , the starting price for the Personal system should be around € 8000 , everything included (cost , shipping , import).

Details of the Personal trainer

The Personal system comes with 100 sessions pre-loaded , with the possibility to load additional sessions for around € 7-9 per session (sold by the 100).
The Personal system has no access to the Matrix Mirror or after-session views that show plots regarding the brain’s activity , it is purely for personal training and seeing the benefits in everyday life.

2. Professional system

Our recommendation

The Professional system comes also with the same system options , the Surface Pro 6 tablet or the Surface Book 2 , with prices ranging from $ 9845 to $ 11695. We will again recommend the more affordable option , which is the Surface Pro 6 with an i5 processor at $ 9845 , for the same reason as with the Personal system.

Cost in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands , with a USD to EUR conversion rate of 0.90 , the starting price for the Professional system should be around € 11000 , everything included (cost , shipping , import).

Details of the Professional trainer

The first big difference of the Professional system is that it has unlimited sessions. This means that you do not have to pay additionally for training.

The second difference is that the Professional system has access to the Matrix Mirror (Spectra display for left and right brain hemispheres) , and Tunnels and Waterfalls , which provide the user with different views of the brain during the session. These do not matter much in terms of the training , since NeurOptimal is diagnostically agnostic , however they can be nice to observe and also in presenting NeurOptimal in a professional , academic , or educational setting.

Conclusion and final verdict

Given the differences of the two systems , we feel that the Professional system might be the best recommendation overall for most cases. The reason is that although the Professional system costs more initially , it can make up for it by not having to pay per session , especially if you want to train many people. Moreover , the Professional system is more suited to start a practice if the buyer wishes to do so , both due to the free unlimited sessions , and also the analysis views offered , which can help to showcase NeurOptimal in events and prospective clients.

Although the Personal trainer once purchased can be upgraded to a Professional license later , the upgrade is not cheap , around $ 5000 , but it’s another way to go.

The Personal trainer seems suitable only if someone cannot afford the price of the Professional at the time of purchase , someone who wants to rent systems professionally (the Personal trainer has the advantage of regulating the amount of sessions done because they are limited in number) , or someone who feels that they would only train themselves and few or no other people , otherwise the Professional system most likely provides a better financial deal over time.

It is also possible to sell your NeurOptimal system after purchase , it is an asset that retains a high percentage of its value because so many people find it valuable worldwide. We have online groups where people can buy or sell second-hand systems.

If after reading this guide you’d like to purchase a system or have questions on the different possibilities (for example there are ways to save money , monthly payment plans , etc.) , please contact us for more details.

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