Our coaching includes powerful transformative and modalities to encourage the natural resilience and flexibility built with neurofeedback training , and to enrich and broaden the horizons in our life. 

What happens during coaching is 100% individualized and does not follow recipes. It can be spontaneous or be prepared beforehand through deep contemplation and meditation , and provided to the client as a ‘prescription’ of sorts , specifically for that client.

To give some idea , some tools and intentions used in our coaching are:

  • Developing various helpful meditative techniques , such as relaxation and self-care , mindfulness meditation , healing intent meditation , and advanced contemplative meditative practices that allow you to resolve problems and dilemmas , and receive answers from your essence.
  • Education in healing , meditation , aspiration , and freedom
  • Homing in on your purpose such that you can give your maximum gift to the world
  • Music and Art
  • Unlocking your creativity and passion
  • Additional factors in developing a positive lifestyle

Our coaching practice continuously evolves such that it can provide the best means for personal growth possible for every client.

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