Peter , 38

Personally , I have found neurofeedback to be the one that worked for me in improving my mental focus which I needed for exams and work.
With positive support from my trainer , my well-being has improved significantly over the last few months.
For me, trust is important. Nick is a true professional and genuinely kind to work with in my personal development journey.

Maria , 35

The nicest things come unexpected.
I’ve started the first session of neurofeedback only because I was curious.
I did not have any expectations of the results, therefore the surprise was big after 4 sessions and even bigger after 8 sessions.
The most important factors of self-esteem went up! High! It is also important that you will feel comfy during each session.
Nikos does utmost to make you feel as at home and talk as a friend.
Highly recommended for people who are working on self-improvement.

Cindy , 24

Through the training I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions.
I finally listened to myself and found the courage to grow.
Embracing my fear is the way to the alleviation of suffering.

Daan , 31

Through neurofeedback I was able to observe my thoughts instead of obsessing about them.
This allowed my mind to remain still for longer periods of time which translated into longer periods of calmness.

Hans , 39

I was interested in meditation , but the confusion around the topic kept me from investigating further.
But then Nick came along.
I really appreciate his research-based approach , suits me very much.

Elsa , 35

During my neurofeedback training I always noticed effects afterwards.
After a number of sessions (around 8) I realized that I was less bothered by feelings of guilt that were often too strong in the past.
I noticed I had the energy to do things that were important to me.
Each session was more or less isolated and it was impossible to predict in advance how I would feel afterwards.
I became aware that I had too much on my plate and I was tired of that.
I quickly dealt with problems such as the busy schedule.
Now, after about 9 sessions, I notice I am more assertive , and I try to be more to the point.
Before the start, I had been troubled by depression.
That has disappeared.
While neurofeedback helped me , I am not sure if I should fully attribute it , since I did my sessions sporadically.

Marijke , 33

Nick is a very kind, friendly enthusiastic person and an awesome NeurOptimal Trainer.
He is able to lead you to a place of inner peace within yourself. That is why the name of his practice is very well chosen! Highly recommended

Elizabeth , 53

I love the name you chose for your business-Brainpeace. That’s exactly what Neuroptimal has done for my brain and my partner’s with PTSD. It has also brought peace to our relationship. Powerful work.

Catherine , 31

You will be in excellent hands with Nick Kontaras and his use of state of the art neurofeedback, NeurOptimal.

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