Music: a powerful tool of Healing

At Life Arts our main offering is NeurOptimal neurofeedback, and for good reason: it is effortless, pleasant, anyone can do it, and has the smoothest most powerful results we have seen in terms of transforming lives. Not easy to beat that combination, even though we have tried many things.

One way of viewing NeurOptimal training is in a meditation framework, a powerful meditation done with the help of the computer, which allows you to go deeper faster, yet safe and at a pace tailored to your brain. Due to its basis on nonlinear dynamics which is how the brain naturally works , NeurOptimal neurofeedback truly is the most advanced meditation technology on the planet today.

Based on that understanding, in this article we share another very useful tool for healing and personal growth , Music.

Music can be used in a meditative way , provided it’s appropriately chosen. Here we share with you a few pieces of music that can be used together in your meditation practice , as supportive and comforting aspects , but also to provide you with vitality and energy to be in the world with a confident and positive orientation.

1. Relaxation meditation music

Commonly in mindfulness meditation people report having a lot of thoughts during practicing. This in my view is because an appropriate tool to help steady the mind is not used together with the meditation, particularly music. Music in this case can serve as a safe haven in which you allow your mind to rest and have little to no thoughts. Ultimately this music could possibly be different for everyone , however a good starting point is to search for ‘relaxing meditation music’ on YouTube and see if you feel any piece you find can serve you in this way. Another way to think of this is as the other side of mindfulness: mindfulness is not only developing concentration but also self-acceptance and self-love. The music can in a sense serve as a supporting figure in your life, a sort of surrogate loving parent/teacher/guide , and you can choose this figure by choosing the music. Here we provide some pieces from this category of meditation music.

Relaxing music with nature sounds

Marjorie De Muynck

Deva Premal

Snatam Kaur

2. Energizing and healing meditation music

Some particular kinds of meditation music are energizing and sort of active prayers. If one’s nervous system is not arranged in this sort of active-meditation-while-being-in-the-world way , it can be initially demanding on one’s nervous system , as the nervous system is being rearranged to have the capacity to hold the suffering of the world in addition to one’s own. If they feel overstimulating , one can return to the relaxing meditation type of music. Below you can find some pieces of music from this category.

Mongolian throat singing

Tibetan chanting

Harmonic music

Didgeridoo traditional aboriginal music

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