When the brain optimizes , things start to get better in life. That is the promise and vision of Dr’s Valdeane and Sue Brown , clinical psychologists , neurofeedback trainers and co-creators of the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system , which is being continuously developed since 2001.

It is well understood that the brain is an incredibly complex network of billions of neurons and trillions of neuronal connections.

Based on this understanding , dynamical neurofeedback was made to work fully automated , without the need for the expertise of a human operator.

Information is transformation

When the brain is provided with information about its own activity , it transforms. That is the main principle underlying NeurOptimal neurofeedback , and it is the main way our brains learn in general , through feedback : action -> feedback from the world -> lesson. Neurofeedback gives access to quicker learning because the brain is provided with more accurate and time-sensitive feedback than it usually has available.

During a neurofeedback session the two sensors on your scalp detect your brain’s activity 256 times per second  , and according to this activity the neurofeedback software brings up any points of ‘stuckness’ or inflexibilities the brain may be experiencing. Resilience and flexibility are the hallmarks of a well-functioning brain in all areas of life , be it in work , sports , music , relationships , stress resilience , mental flexibility , etc. , and it is this potential in every individual that NeurOptimal neurofeedback hones and brings out.

Because of this , benefits are noticed in multiple areas :

  • Social life
  • Concentration
  • Responding to circumstances
  • Health
  • Triggering situations not getting to you as much anymore
  • Freedom
  • Wellness
  • Standing up for oneself with confidence

These are only some of the benefits possible with NeurOptimal neurofeedback.


During a NeurOptimal session no electrical activity enters the brain , the two sensors simply read the brain’s activity. The training feedback is provided through tiny pauses in the music that you are listening to.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback allows the brain to decide by itself how to incorporate the information provided , and continuously adapts to accommodate , in essence to ‘dance’ with the brain. This assures optimal and gentle results.

Nonlinear dynamical neurofeedback

NeurOptimal is a nonlinear dynamical system , the cutting-edge in neurofeedback , and the only one in existence today. What this means in practice is that NeurOptimal considers and trains the whole brain , 0.001 to 64Hz , in each and every session. Because all frequencies important in neurofeedback are included , all aspects of brain activity are influenced and optimized throughout the training. NeurOptimal dynamically follows the brain , and provides the feedback it requires across all of its activity , moment to moment. The training is also nonlinear , meaning that it recognizes the nonlinear nature of the brain itself , and is able to adjust to it likewise.

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