NeurOptimal version 3.0

In April 2018 , a little over a year ago at the time of writing this article , we were happy to welcome NeurOptimal neurofeedback version 3.0 in the Netherlands.
The development of NeurOptimal neurofeedback began when Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Brown joined their expertise in neuroscience , consciousness , neurophysiology and mathematics , to create the first NeurOptimal neurofeedback system in 2001 , then called NeuroCARE Pro.
The technology was founded upon Karl Pribram’s work in the field of neuroscience , the holographic model of the brain , and advanced nonlinear computer programming to facilitate a naturally comprehensive training for the brain.
In 2010 NeurOptimal version 2.0 marked a significant leap forward in the alleviation of human suffering , by making the technology trainer-independent and giving the ability to freely train one’s own brain.
In this article we go over the core aspects of the newest NeurOptimal neurofeedback version 3.0 , in short , NO3 , and an overview of our clients’ and personal experiences.

NeurOptimal: a dance with brains

A central aspect in NeurOptimal neurofeedback is that it allows the brain to make the choices in its training.
NeurOptimal neurofeedback simply reflects its activity , from moment to moment.
The brain’s intrinsic wisdom is the most powerful asset for transformation that anyone has , and this is what NeurOptimal neurofeedback depends on.
NeurOptimal neurofeedback 3.0 includes what are known as the High Hertz targets (42 Hz to 64 Hz) in training , further promoting the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the training.


NeurOptimal neurofeedback provides training via gentle interruptions in the music that you listen to.
While the brain optimizes the experience is absolutely effortless for the trainee. This allows for all ages , adults , children and seniors , to train.
The interruptions in NeurOptimal 3.0 are clearer and softer , adding to the ease of the experience.


NeurOptimal comes with its own music. Since the 2000s grammy-winning composer Jeff Bova is the one responsible for the NeurOptimal music , with very pleasing results.
The music that came with NeurOptimal 3.0 has been considered as possibly the most wonderful music NeurOptimal has ever come with.


NeurOptimal shines again with a polished , evolved yet reliable version 3.0. We hope it reaches even more lives , and continues to spread well-being , happiness , and hope all over the world and in all continents.

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