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Presenting at the Eindhoven Innovation Café

In October 17th 2019 we participated at the Eindhoven Innovation Café in Kazerne. It was an exciting experience where we had the chance to present NeurOptimal brain training , the only nonlinear dynamical neurofeedback today. You can find the innovation café at

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Meetup events announced

Life arts is coming to a Meetup event near you !Starting Sunday September 22nd we will periodically be holding introductory events so that you can get acquainted with the NeurOptimal technology in a friendly educational environment.Reserve your spot at

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Advanced certification

Advanced Certification completed. Thank you NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems , and Lise DeLong , Director of Education at Zengar Institute.

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John Diamond

Around eight decades ago , a great man was born in Australia , named John Diamond. He sought the alleviation of suffering for his mother , and later his patients as a psychiatrist. In this journey he discovered many truths about health and healing , creating the ability to facilitate rapid changes in his clients.

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NeurOptimal and Music

As is known , the default music during NeurOptimal neurofeedback training are wonderful pieces of art made by grammy-winning composer Jeff Bova , already containing within them very positive health energy. However , we do like to take it further and seek to maximize these positive properties which we have discovered to be tremendously helpful

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Life arts is officially opened

It has been a great 2 years , where out of thin air Brainpeace Eindhoven was born. Wonderful people joined our ranks , training with NeurOptimal neurofeedback and enjoying its results during this time. As our knowledge kept increasing , we felt the need to re-name and re-arrange how we work. In this new direction

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NeurOptimal version 3.0

In April 2018 , a little over a year ago at the time of writing this article , we were happy to welcome NeurOptimal neurofeedback version 3.0 in the Netherlands.The development of NeurOptimal neurofeedback began when Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Brown joined their expertise in neuroscience , consciousness , neurophysiology and mathematics ,

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NeurOptimal weekend 2018

In October 6th and 7th the NeurOptimal neurofeedback weekend of 2018 took place , a weekend organized yearly by Christina Rompa and Marijke van Dellen , two of our most experienced NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainers in the Netherlands. In the morning of Saturday we arrived where the weekend was taking place , in Samaya. Being a

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